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WebTaxi 100% Cab Russian Version +7(831) 4-135-295
100 % Guild of taxis TAXI

tel.: +7(831)413-71-92
tel.: +7(831)413-71-92
OF TAXI-NN.RU OF WEBTAXI- [VEBTAKSI]) Distance to calculate  tel.: +7 (831) 4-144-377 tel.: +7(831) 4-135-295

International phone numbers : INUM

tel: +1(360)-812-2139 USA

Order the taxi on-line ICQ: 341-031-368         e-mail:

tel.: +7(831) 4-135-295You want to rapidly order taxi on Nizhniy Novgorod or beyond the limits of city, on Russia, use the information of our site.
tel.: +7-910-88-50-501
tel.: +7-920-253-52-95
tel.: +7-903-60-24-377

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Additional services: the maintenance weddings, anniversaries, corporate departures, the stage of your machine with the address indicated red nose, automobiles of business class, the transportation of loads and the assignment of professional loaders, the delivery of business mail, gifts, medicines, bus service. 

TRANSFER - Nizhniy Novgorod- Moscow, Moscow- Nizhniy Novgorod, St.Petersburg. airport is encounter in the ladder of aircraft, on the train station. Armoring and the preliminary order VIP auto.
Conclusion of a treaty to the maintenance by written order. We Invite tourist agency to the mutually advantageous cooperation.

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Nizhniy Novgorod
Map of Nizhniy-Novgorod region We pay the services of mediators, from the fare, on the conditions interesting for YOU. Weather forecast
Nizhniy Novgorod

We cooperate all taxi drivers, free traffic control services, without any commission.
The orders of mutual assistance (if you are making the order  you cannot carry out
leave it to your dispatcher and order will be returned to your friend on the guild.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

Call us! Tel. (831) 4-135-295

tel.: +7(831) 4-135-295 tel.: +7(831) 4-135-295 tel.: +7(831) 4-135-295 tel.: +7(831) 4-135-295
Company Order of the taxi Tariffs Additionally
On Nizhniy Novgorod (rubles/km)
on Nizhniy Novgorod
After Nizhniy Novgorod (rubles/km)
Nizhniy-Novgorod region
Simple on Nizhniy Novgorod (rubles/km)
the simple auto
Supply on Nizhniy Novgorod (rubles/km)
the supply to the auto
Minimum on Nizhniy Novgorod (rubles/km)


The Guild of taxis

+7 (831)

 Mobile tel.:

1 $   USD  the minute


1 $   USD the minute

1 $   USD   the minute


10 $   USD
in 30 minutes

 1 $  USD the minute






On Nizhniy Novgorod (rubles/km) After the city (rubles/km) the simple auto
Simple on Nizhniy Novgorod (rubles/km)
the supply to the auto-
Supply on Nizhniy Novgorod (rubles/km)
Minimum on Nizhniy Novgorod (rubles/km)


+7(831) 4-135-295


Ñâîé ïðîåêòNN counter -      -   ,  .: +7(831) 413-71-92
 100 % Web Taxi Guild of taxis Nizhnijj Novgorod: +7(831) 413-71-92
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